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Listen to founder, Dave Gagnon, talk about the mission, vision, and values of the Attractologistâ„¢ community.


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Dave Gagnon


Dave Gagnon has built businesses through the attraction and cultivation of human capital for decades. Dave founded the Attractologist™ community as a way to build value for growth-minded agents through tools and resources for agent attraction.

Dave is a compulsive golf-a-haulic and is determined to golf every day, if possible.

Jeff Richmond

Webmaster / Site Design

Jeff Richmond is a former mega agent, team leader, and recruiter for the world's largest real estate company. He and his partner, Lexy, run two consulting practices, two tech firms, an agent attraction business, and a residential sales business.

Jeff has a doctoral degree in jazz and plays the trumpet.

Lexy Sanchez

Content / Instructional Design

Lexy Sanchez is a nationally-regarded listing agent with a background in university recruiting and admissions. With an MPA (Master's of Public Administration), Lexy is an implementation expert with a passion for organizational workflow.

Lexy loves fur babies, games, and New Mexican food.

Nathan Gagnon

Content / Strategy

Nathan entered real estate as an Attractologist™. With a background as an engineer, he is adept at thinking about and crafting strategically around complex problems.

Nate is a Star Wars nerd, like his dad - what else would you expect from an engineer?

Meg Sanchez

Events / Logistics

With decades of business ownership, Meg helps to facilitate the travel, event planning, and logistics of the Attractologist™ community. She is a licensed real estate agent and Dave's partner.

Meg is a champion dog trainer and has shown at Westminster Dog show.

Cassandra Lynch

Admin Assistant / Scheduling


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