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Attractologist™ members have access to industry leading tools and resources, all geared toward powering your growth.

Courses on Attraction

Learn the most effective strategies for building your downline through agent attraction. From the basics to advanced trainings, Attractologist™ has it all.

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From cutting-edge webinars to spreadsheets, handouts, shareables and more, Attractologist™ members have access to best-of-the-best tools to support their growth.

Growth FAQ

Have questions about agent attraction? Wish you could ask someone? ... Access a treasure-chest of comprehensive FAQ to support yourself and your downline.

Big Discounts

Access negotiated discounts on products and services for all Attractologist™ members - including coaching, swag, trainings, and so much more. Save more by leveraging our huge community!

Attraction Events

Our on-location events around the world focus on growth, leadership, and best practice in modern agent attraction. Learn what top growth leaders do and learn the secrets to huge success!

High Level Collaboration

Join in high-level collaboration with top growth leaders in our private mastermind community and power your growth, your income, and your life. Learn what the best are doing to win big!

The Attractologist™ Team is Committed to Supporting our Agents Through Education, Communication, Tools, and Support.

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"When attracting agents, we use the tools, strategies, and support that Attractologist™ provides. This really is the best place to learn agent attraction from top growth leaders!"

Jeff R
Tempe, AZ

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Learning happens when we're digging deep for new knowledge and searching for growth. We are excited to be a part of that growth. Ask away! In fact, our Community page in our members-only area lets you mastermind with other great Attractologist™ leaders around the world.

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Yes. The Attractologist™ community was established by former Director of Growth and Cloud Leadership for eXp Realty, LLC - Dave Gagnon. The Attractologist™ Team supports the growth efforts of this downline, but is open to anyone who would like to buy a subscription. All downline members anywhere in the Gagnon downline will receive a complimentary account and be notified with login and password credentials.

If you have not received your account details, please wait a week or two after your eXp Realty onboarding and then contact us at [email protected].

Just ask! We love the feedback. That said, please know that we are working on many new features all the time and we will always do our best to identify those feature requests that will do the most good for the most people!

Attractologist™ has multiple live events per year! Our agent partners enjoy amazing benefits, negotiated discounts, world class training, and amazing networking opportunities.

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